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Bahnhill Lighthouse Mission, Inc. (BLMI) is an independent 501c3 nonprofit Florida Corporation whose mission is to share the gospel and the love of Jesus Christ for the development and restoration of basic life services and needs of the citizens of Liberia, West Africa following their 14 year civil war. BLMI raises support to enable Missionary/Founder Rev. George A. Graham and others in Liberia to accomplish the work.
Mission Statement
​The Bahnhill Lighthouse Mission is the Light of Hope for Liberia following their 14 year civil war and is established to restore or provide services, to create and provide employment or employability skills, to encourage and promote entrepreneurism, and to educate, train and counsel youth. We endeavor to do this by building homes, schools, clinics, churches and business centers and by providing Vocational and Christian Growth & Development Programs.
Vision Statement
The vision of the Bahnhill Lighthouse Mission in Liberia, West Africa is to provide for and develop viable communities with families living harmoniously working together for progress. Families will be engaged in community agriculture projects, worshipping and growing together in strong Christian church fellowships and working in business centers which provide for self-supporting sustained livelihoods. Schools and vocational programs will also be provided for their educational and developmental needs.
To realize our vision the Bahnhill Lighthouse Mission will build a model mission complex in each county of Liberia to include a church, Waldorf Model School, Business & Training Center and an Agriculture project.

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The Light
of Hope
for Liberia,
West Africa!

Bahnhill Lighthouse Mission, Inc.
Senwein Clan, Kokoyah District, Bong County, Liberia, West Africa                                                                        February 2017  Missionary Updates
Rev. George A. Graham, Missionary/Founder
 As always we begin with Total Praise to our all worthy God and Father and His Son the Lord Jesus Christ who have called us to serve in His Vineyard and who keeps us securely day by day.

The Light of Hope continues to shine as we in humble obedience remain faithful in the work God has called us to do here in Liberia and as we together,  hand in hand, get it done.
Just a few updates to where we are in our development process. Our jeep is out of commission right now until we are able to somehow budget some funds for her needed repairs. She needs to be serviced with an oil change and other service procedures, but more greatly she needs a new fuel pump. These repairs are about $350.00.

Our most recent trip to the mission site was met with great joy and hands working together for getting our school building erected. The mud blocks are being produced in record numbers and we are very grateful for the funds to purchase the block-making mold. Thousands of mud blocks have already been produced. We were also able to purchase the first 30 bags of cement at a reduced cost of $11.00 per bag, with the funds received, which will produce about 960 concrete blocks to be used in the foundation. With the most recent funding we will purchase an additional 20 bags of cement and an additional 640 blocks can be produced. The workers are asking for another concrete block mold, which is different from the mud block mold, so that their efforts can be doubled. The cost of the concrete mold is $40.00. A special thanks to the Bahn’s Town Women wo have been helping in the process by hauling sand up from the creek bank.  

We were asked by the Education Ministry Coordinator to provide an updated report of the students who were being sponsored. These students are: Expensive Weah who dropped out, following the lure of the gold creek; Blessing Kolleh is now in 1st Grade and is doing very well; Marthaline Zor is no longer living in the area; Seita Karnga is now in K-2 and is doing very well; Agatha Paye is now in 1st Grade and is doing very well; Oretha Gowee had dropped out for 2 school terms, but has now reentered, is in K-1 and doing good; Sarah Gowee no longer lives in the area; and Sunday Boayou graduated from the Bahnhill Lighthouse Mission School and is now in 7th Grade in Zowenta Town ,a little distance away. In addition with this report we were also asked about funding and how the teachers were being paid. We were told there still exists a problem with some parents not paying the students’ fees at all or only partially. Though it is most difficult for our teachers, which means what they should be receiving is not coming in, we thank God for their faithful commitment to educate our children. Once our building is erected the competition is going to be great so we firmly believe the situation will change. Our plan is to launch the Waldorf Model School in the 2017-2018 academic year making paying school fees in full and on time mandatory or risk losing the slot for their student.  Several of the students dropped out due to the inability to pay their fees or the unwillingness of their parents/guardians to pay. Scholarships would be wonderful to help keep these students in school. The Agriculture Ministry is still on course. We were able to take a few of their requested materials and supplies including 4 cutlasses,, 2 watering cans, 2 containers of pesticide, 2 pair rubber boots and files for sharpening tools. It was reported that the seeds on Nursery are doing very well, but some of the ones planted directly in the soil did not fare too well, particularly the eggplant. On our next trip we will be replacing the eggplant seeds and providing a few more of the requested tools which are 2 shovels and a hoe.

Continue to keep us in prayer. We made another attempt to go to the mission using public transportation and only by the loving mercy and grace of God we are here to tell the story. As we embarked on our trip with a tremendously heavy load of cargo and 7 passengers including the driver I prayed asking God to protect us, to hedge us in and to keep us safe as well as the other vehicles on the highway. Bless God He did just that. Very soon in our journey the angels from heaven came and surrounded our vehicle and brought it to a safe halt when the left rear wheel literally broke off, rolled passed our vehicle, crossed in front of it, hit the right guard rail, bounced back across the highway and right over the left guard raid down in the ravine. We were right at crossing a bridge and at that moment not another vehicle was in sight. ONLY God. He is faithful, merciful and kind and I am so glad He hears and answers prayer.

God bless you each one in a mighty way.
Your humble servants in Liberia, West Africa,
Rev. George A. Graham
Missionary/Founder, Rev. George A. Graham
Theophilus Bahn
Mission Director, Mr. Theophilus Bahn
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