Bahnhill Lighthouse Mission, Inc.

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The Bahnhill Lighthouse Mission works in five (5) ministry areas to accomplish its mission objectives. These ministry areas include:
Building Construction
The Building Construction Ministry is an involvement of BLMI whereas these services are a vital and necessary component of all we do. The mission is actively involved in securing tools, equipment, building materials and supplies and building personnel for all its construction needs including the building of schools, churches, clinics, business centers as well as pens for pigs, sheep and goats, cages for rabbits, coops for chickens and fisheries.

The Education Ministry provides for the educational and training needs of the Liberian People. BLMI builds and develop Waldorf Model Schools (WMS) where students in Grades 1 through 12 receive their basic academic education in a system where students remain with the same teachers for three years. In this model students who begin in Grade 1 remain with the same teachers through Grade 3, 4th Graders remain with the same teachers through Grade 6, 7th Graders remain with the same teachers through Grade 9 and 10th Graders remain with the same teachers through graduation from Grade 12. Agriculture, Music, Drama and Art are required courses in the Waldorf curriculum and students are required to excel in each of these areas.

Other components of the Education Ministry may include Pre-school, Nursery School and Adult Literacy, but most definitely Vocational Training and Christian Growth & Development programs.
Agriculture is the major means of support for the Liberian families to provide food for their own families. Some of what they are able to grow is sold at the nearest community market and the little income derived provides for soap, salt and whatever little items they can afford.
The BLMI works to provide tools and equipment, fertilizer, pesticide and seeds to assist these families with planting and raising rice and other vegetable crops. The mission also works to provide starter animals for raising to produce meat production including pigs, chickens, guinea fowl, rabbits, sheep and goats. Help is also provided for building fisheries and providing starter fish to grow and raise for sale and consumption.

Christian Growth & Development

The Christian Growth & Development ministry is engaged in meeting the spiritual needs of the people. BLMI is actively involved in church planting and providing help in the building construction and church program development. BLMI also plan and implement gospel crusades, Christian growth workshops and share the gospel through personal evangelism and Bible tracts.

In addition to planting new churches BLMI give support to other established churches and Christian ministries through preaching, teaching and music ministries.
​Agriculture, Music, Drama and Art are required courses in the Waldorf curriculum and students are required to excel in each of these areas.


The Medial Ministry provides for medical diagnosis and treatment of the common ailments and diseases of the Liberians including Malaria, Typhoid, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure along with everyday aches, pains and treatable cuts and bruises. BLMI provides over-the-counter medications and medical equipment and supplies and prescription medicines when made available. Basic medical diagnoses and treatments are provided on site.

The goal of BLMI is to build and staff multi-facility clinics to meet the medical needs of these people who are deprived of these services. The nearest medical facility in most areas of the BLMI ministry is more than eighty miles away.